Charlie's Family Session (Riverside, Connecticut)

Doing an in-home family session with an 11-month old baby boy is kind of like setting aside an hour or two to play, read books, go for a walk, and generally just do whatever makes him happy. It's all very casual. And relaxed. And really pretty perfect for a super-casual Riverside family who isn't into a Studio setting.

It sometimes feels a little odd that I provide both in-home photography and Studio portrait sessions. They seem like total opposites. But I truly feel like my approach to both is pretty much the same.

The fact is, I use artificial light for in-home sessions. Most of the indoor shots were taken with the help of an off-camera flash. It's the kind of lighting that helps me take a beautifully lit photograph in any space, and not the kind that overpowers the photo with hard shadows. It took a while to master this technique, but it's so incredibly helpful when I walk into a space I've never seen before.

And my Studio sessions? They include a lot of the same posing direction as the home version. The big secret, of course, is that you really can't do any detailed posing when you have a baby or a small child in the photo. So I watch for the big stuff: an awkward expression, unflattering positions, and tension in the hands. And then it's pretty much a free for all. Ok, not completely, but you get my point. :)

So, it really doesn't matter what the location is! At home, where everyone feels the most comfortable, or in the studio, where you just have to show up.. family is worth documenting! And I arrive with the tools (and that means both the equipment and the knowledge in my head) to create beautiful portraits no matter what.