10 Reasons Why an In-Home Photoshoot is the Best Idea Ever

There seem to be lots of parents out there that would never consider hiring a photographer to take photos of their child during the winter. True, it might be difficult (and cold!) to run around outside, but gorgeous portraits can be taken in your own home any time of the year! In-home sessions are absolutely magical in how simple and fun they are. There's not much to do on the weekend anyway, so scheduling an amazing photo experience for your child on a Saturday morning makes it super fun for them and really easy for you!

I wanted to share these photos of Olivia, which we took mostly in her room, because I think you can see how really excited she was during the whole process. There were so many giggles, running, jumping, and fun-loving mischief coming from this little girl that I had the best time photographing her, too. I find that I can always relate to children, which is probably why I love photographing them so much. We got images of Olivia with her favorite stuffed bunny (as in, she brings the bunny everywhere with her!), wearing the most beautiful pink flower dress I've ever seen, and captured real genuine totally free-spirited smiles. All in the middle of winter when it was 20 degrees out!

So here they are..

10 reasons why an in-home photoshoot is the best idea ever:



There's no need to worry about the weather! It doesn't matter if it's snowy, cold, rainy, windy, or generally gloomy out because you don't have to set your foot out there.


Wardrobe changes are a snap because you have access to all the lovely clothes and accessories right there in your closet!


Kids feel the most comfortable in familiar surroundings. Your child can show me her favorite stuffed animals and pull out some toys so we can play together.


Preparing for the photo session involves making yourself some coffee in the morning and relaxing as I take care of the rest. There's no need to run around gathering things or cleaning because I'll be looking for the best light and setting things up for you!


Taking a break or having a snack is as easy as grabbing something from your kitchen.


It's like having a babysitter entertaining your child while you can sit with your hubby in another room and, you know, actually have a conversation!


It's a really fun experience! Imagine running around, playing dress up, climbing, giggling, and discovering all the little nooks and crannies of your home.


I see everything with the artistic eye of a photographer... so as I take pictures, you will start seeing the magical qualities of your home too. You'll discover great spots to take photos of your children by watching me!


Family pets can get in on the action and it's a lovely way to document your child's relationship with the family cat or dog.


And..  You will forever cherish these photos because they beautifully document both your child and your home, together!