Creative Photoshoot

Styled Creative Beach Session with Gwen

Going to the beach at the start of October is very different from enjoying the sand and water in the middle of summer.. which is probably why it's one of my favorite locations for a creative photoshoot. Hoards of beach-goers are replaced with bundled-up dog walkers and the sandy stretch becomes almost deserted. Pair that with a lovely sunset and you have a fantastic combination of beautiful light and location.

But it's not without challenges, of course. Proving to have a true spirit of adventure, Gwen, (outfitted in a hand-selected dress just for the occasion) spent most of the time bundled up in her mom's arms as the wind whipped around us and the temperature hovered in the low 50s. Much like how I photograph children outdoors in the winter, the time I spend actually photographing is minimal. Mostly it's waiting.. followed by a mad rush of exploring the surrounding, posing, climbing, smiling, and yes, running around like crazy. Running, by the way, keeps you warm.

Towards the end, Gwen's shyness melted away, as did the layers keeping her protected against the cold. She ran with the wind, with wild laughter and joy, flying the blanket and spinning around on the beach. Working with older children is such a fantastic experience because they are fully conscious of their own personality. They can go on location and be themselves and let go. In turn, I am so grateful to be able to capture Gwen's joy and curiosity with my camera.

Gwen is wearing Tutu du Monde® Magical Fields Dress from JCrew.