A Boy's Visit to the American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History in New York is the most wonderful place for a 5-year old boy obsessed with dinosaurs. Graham and I have been talking about dinosaur fossils (and watching documentaries) for several months now. That, along with space exploration, has been absolutely fascinating to re-discover now that I'm an adult. The amazing findings that have been made in the last century are just mind boggling. 

It was my idea to take Graham out of school for a day (while his little brother was enjoying daycare, of course) and make the trip to NYC to visit the museum. We've been at odds lately. He's having a tough time keeping his hands to himself at school. He gets so very excited and has trouble controlling his body. His little brother certainly gets a lot of attention around the house, which I'm sure doesn't help him feel special. This was something we could do together, just the two of us.. like the good old days.

And really, I'm up for just about anything if I can bring my camera along. ;)