A Light & Bright Sister Photo Session - Darien, CT

Toddlers and babies are some of the most challenging ages to photograph. They are also the sweetest. Having a four-year old myself, I know exactly how adorable, delightful, and amazing the first few years are. Kids change so quickly and it’s so important to document this precious age. We all have hundreds of iPhone photos, but there’s something truly special about having a photographer capture professional child portraits for the family. Especially since in-home photo sessions are so easy this time of year! The family doesn’t have to worry about going outside in the cold and I don’t have to worry about the weather. An overcast sky simply means that I open all the blinds/shades (as I did for this session), while a sunny day means I put up my diffusion panel (it’s as fancy as it sounds.. ok, it’s a white bed sheet) to soften the light.

For Millie and Daisy’s photos, we mostly photographed in the master bedroom. Mom and Dad had a wonderful white bedspread and light-colored walls. I always look for simple surroundings because they create truly timeless images. Millie, who will be 3 years old in May, is wonderfully bohemian and spent most of the session jumping barefoot on the bed. She’s an active child at heart, and I was happy that parents encouraged her to be herself (I mean, really, I wish all parents were that awesome!). Daisy was the sweetest 9-month old. I loved how patient Millie was with her baby sister and how they explored on their own and then together. Mom knew exactly how to make Daisy laugh and it was clear that both girls were just over the moon in love with their parents. I feel so lucky to have met this family and so privileged to be able to photograph and forever capture their easy-going nature in photos.