At home with Ella and Josie (Greenwich, CT)

I've been photographing a lot of families lately that choose to keep their session images private, for one reason or another. And I get this question a lot.. "What if I don't want my photos out there?"

This is one of the reasons I don't do sneak peeks. I don't post any images until Mom and Dad have the Ordering Appointment and a chance to review them first - to tell me which they're okay with me using, and which they would rather keep private.

I'm not huge corporation. I'm not a photography Studio chain. I don't have a boss or a manager, or a customer service department. I care about my clients and their needs over my own. And I would never use or post an image (no matter how much I can from a legal standpoint) without explicit verbal approval from the person who appears in it (or that person's parent, as it stands).

And as my photography business grows, I encounter more of these kinds of questions. The ones that people ask because they're used to established businesses treating them like customers and not like human beings. I have policies in place for when kids get sick and when rescheduling needs to happen.. and no, it's not a big deal because I keep gaps in my schedule just so I can do that. I don't mind if my clients are running late, because I know how hard it is to get out of the house with kids.. and I never, ever schedule sessions one after another.

And so, I photograph families in their home if it makes the most sense for them. If their kids are little (like Ella and Josie) and if they only have a few hours on Sunday morning when they're all together because Dad works most days (he runs Ada's Kitchen and Coffee, which is my absolute favorite spot in town and if you haven't been, definitely check it out!). 

And then, I only share the photos that Mom and Dad are okay with me sharing. And that's totally fine with me! :)