Aya’s Awesome Family Photo Session - Brooklyn, NY

I finally met Aya! I met Aya's parents about 9 years ago when we all worked for the same NYC Advertising Agency (Aya's Dad and I overlapped by a total of 2 weeks). We've been Facebook friends since, and I loved seeing all of their social media updates: their beautiful wedding, awesome new jobs, and an adorable baby girl. So when Dad decided to give his amazing wife the best Mother's Day gift ever (a photoshoot!), I was pretty excited!

And there were a lot of things to be excited about.. Mom and Dad just happen to be the coolest parents ever, their home is bright and beautifully decorated (including actual designer furniture that the dog is NOT allowed on), and they love grey (my favorite color! right after white). Aya's room even has a floor bed! It's really no surprise that Aya is a pretty amazing kid, too. She has parents who really truly love her more than anything and who encourage her to play, explore, and discover her talents. During our session the family played with an old polaroid camera, jumped on the bed (of course), read books, made music with the keyboard (Dad does a mean twinkle twinkle little star), and took turns throwing Aya into the air. It was one of those photo sessions that photographers dream about. And no matter how busy their lives get, I love that Aya will always have these beautiful images of her family to look back on.