Caitlin, Milo, & Maddie (New Canaan, CT)

Caitlin, Milo, and Maddie live with their Dad and soon to be step-Mom in a lovely rented cottage right by Mead Park in New Canaan. They are, in fact, currently in the process of purchasing their permanent home, planning a spectacular wedding in Ireland, and are very much looking forward to all the fun adventures this year. 

All three kids are simply amazing. Caitlin is the oldest. She is so pretty and has such great style (and lots of accessories to boot). She loves swimming, and does hockey and ice-skating, too. Milo, the brother in the middle, is a little silly and so kind. He is active in sports (soccer and rugby) and loves everything that has to do with Ireland. Their little sister, Maddie, is so sweet and lovely - she's the joker in the family and just loves making everyone laugh! The family fills their weekends with tons of sport activities, walks with their dog Cody, Church every Sunday, and simply spending time together.  

I absolutely adored meeting everyone and loved getting to know them during the photoshoot! We styled the family to not only look great together, but to look good with the home interior, too (the home, while not being permanent, is still so well decorated!). We spent time in each of the children's rooms, took photos on every couch in the huge living/family area space, and even got to play some games in the play room! With all the changes coming up this year, being able to document things as they are now is so important.. because when memories fade, photos will always be there for them to look back on.

Below are some of my favorite images from the session, along with some words from the Mom that provide a little peek into the family's life.