Candid Family Photos with Charlie - Stamford, Connecticut.

When photographing toddlers, you never really know what you’re going to get. Toddlers tend to be very finicky. They know what they want, what they like, and they definitely know what they don’t like, too. Charlie, for instance, does not like to be held. He does, however, enjoy some good tickles from his parents. He loves to run away and to be chased by Mom. And most of all, he genuinely loves spending time with his parents. That last one, I can pretty much always count on. I know that when I show up with my camera, I can ask the parents to snuggle with their independent active little toddler and everything will be just fine.

Charlie’s Mom has worked with kids most of her life. She’s got enough kid-time under her belt as a camp counselor and first-grade teacher that she pretty much knew what she was getting into (a few rounds of taking care of her baby niece definitely helped, too). What she wasn’t prepared for were the sleepless nights. Her vision of Charlie sleeping in his car carrier while she worked out at the gym didn’t quite materialize. Charlie’s Mom exercised right up to the day he was born. But after Charlie, she found herself stuck in the house all day, miserable. Eight months in, she found Stroller Strides (by Fit4Mom).. and it pretty much saved her life. There were other moms, other crying babies, and it got her back into exercising in a way that she could enjoy together with her baby. She now teaches a local Stroller Strides course every week, which is pretty AMAZING! 

Charlie’s Dad works in NYC during the week.. and usually gets home after Charlie is already asleep (I know there are so many parents out there who can relate to that one!). So on the weekends, he and Charlie hang out and take it easy. Dad is so excited to finally start playing sports with his little boy, to tumble around and roughhouse. On the weekends, the whole family selects an outing for the day… food shopping, going to the mall, going to the beach during the summer, or visiting grandparents. Mom calls Charlie her “little buddy” and they just take him everywhere they go.

Charlie is a bit of a tornado right now (as most toddlers are) and loves to get into anything and everything around the house. He goes through the kitchen cabinets and closets too, now that he can open doors. He loves to make a lot of noise and is very rough and tumble. Being a curious, energetic little boy is all part of the job. 

More than anything, Mom wanted candid images of the family. Photos showing them playing together and laughing. When she was growing up, her home was filled with walls of photos. She remembers how much fun it was to look through them as she got older and wants the same for her little boy too. She waited her whole life for somebody to look at her as MOM. She wanted to be the one to heal the boo-boos, to help her child get up after a fall. She’s been a Mother her entire life.. and now she finally has someone who is her child.