Celebrating Being One with Avery - Katonah, NY

Avery’s parents have been together for a total of 16 years! They both grew up in Putnam County and met in a High School Chemistry class, of all places. And they always said, even when we were in High School..“Wouldn’t it be great to buy a house a Katonah?”. 

Well, they grew up, and got married, and found the perfect home for their family. But it definitely took some work. They weren’t exactly looking to buy a house when they did. They, once in a while, would stop by an open house for sale, just on a whim. And when they saw this house, with tacky wallpaper and terrible-looking floors (the dining room was painted purple on the bottom and pink on top!), they saw the potential. Since Avery’s Dad runs his own interior construction business (he actually does the full interior design too), he was able to “rip everything out” and do the beautiful custom work himself. They completely redid about 90% of the home and it took a month before they could move in, but it was worth it. 

Avery’s room was designed to be calm and serene, with white, beige, and little hints of pink (as you can see in the photos, it can easily grace the pages of a catalog). And her playroom has fun bright colors to go with the toys. Downstairs, both Mom and Dad really love how the kitchen, dining, and living area are connected. The whole floor has a great flow that is perfect for parties and family get-togethers. The entire house exudes all the love and effort that went into making it a home.

But what really struck me the most about Avery’s Mom and Dad is how absolutely thrilled they are to be parents. 

Avery, simply put, is just the happiest easy-going little girl. She loves hugging and kissing. She laughs a ton, with a big hearty laugh. She loves to walk around the house, as Mom or Dad hold her hands. And her first actions are always on the sweetest side. When she does something the first couple of times, she’ll look up at either Mom or Dad to share that moment… to say “Hey, look at me, I’m doing it!”. The whole family goes for walks and runs with the jogging stroller (it’s an extra 30-something pounds to push up on hills!) and they go outside as much as possible this time of year.

The most amazing thing right now is just how much Avery is growing every single day. She’s turning into a little person and retaining the things that her parents are teaching her. Mom and Dad really wanted to remember those little details… the funny faces, the smiles, and the feelings they share with their daughter, before she’s on to another stage. These images will forever remind them exactly what she was doing when she turned one, because normally, that stuff is just too easy to forget.