Charlie’s All-American Family Session (Fairfield, CT)

Charlie is the most adorable 1-year old boy you will ever meet. And for every ounce that he’s adorable, he is sweet and kind too. His range of different smiles, according to Mom, is wide-spread. One of them is “you’re funny”. One of them is “you’re not really funny, but I’m going to pretend like you are”. She’s not exactly sure what all of them say, but she loves trying to guess. And Mom’s goal for our time together was to really capture the different sides of Charlie’s personality - and all of his wonderfully unique smiles.

Charlie’s Mom and Dad have one of those romantic, super-sweet beginnings fitting for a movie. Their first date involved a dinner that lasted until the restaurant closed. Their faces hurt from smiling and they talked to each other on the phone as they drove home after. Nine months later they were engaged.. and two years after that they had Charlie.

Their home is filled with character. Beautiful round arches, high ceilings, plaster walls, Americana accents, and a lovely open space downstairs with a vaulted ceiling that’s perfect for watching College basketball and having family over for football games. And everything they do is an EVENT. Their dinners carry an air of excitement - with happy hour, fancy dinner preparation, a burning fireplace, and music filling the entire space. It’s really fun to get excited over everything! Especially if you have a baby and can’t go somewhere, so they just make the event at home.

These kinds of moments are truly made to be savored. When you’re so busy, traveling for work, and trying to balance all the responsible things that need to get done with being there 100% for your child, taking a moment to just be together while someone else makes sure to capture that feeling - that’s priceless.