Clara (8yrs) is the oldest of three children. I seem to run into this a lot (my own experience included)... the first child is strong-willed. "Challenging". Has her own very strong opinions. Well, here's a secret. I am all for strong-willed and opinionated kids in my Studio. I LOVE them. They are awesome. And the first thing I do, is listen to what THEY want.

Because once they see that the photographer is not only allowing them to make decisions, but actually welcoming their ideas and thoughts.. they bring so much more to the experience than I could ever hope for. So we selected outfits together. Talked about footwear choices and different color backgrounds. We explored different poses and expressions. And we focused on movement, because Clara is a dancer.

Looking at the images from the photoshoot, you can see that Clara was having a lot of fun. And you might assume that we were rowdy, and loud, and doing all sorts of crazy things to achieve that final result. But things were actually quite low-key.

I'm really not that highly-entertaining photographer that jumps around and elicits big laughs by being cooky and silly. I'm a fairly quiet person by nature. I listen and I observe. I don't overpower the person I'm working with. I kind of understand what it's like to be an 8-year old. And somehow, it all works. We get those big laughs, the real smiles, and the strong personality, during a photo session that's not as rambunctious as it appears. I am who I am, and I expect exactly the same from the kids I photograph.

Hair styling by Peggy's Hair Salon in Riverside, Connecticut.