Connor's Milestone Session

I photographed Connor and his parents when he was a newborn. Now that he's almost 1 year old, Connor came in again, this time for a Milestone Session.

Milestone Sessions are very special in that they're specifically designed for babies between 3 and 14 months old. I have a twin-sized bed in the Studio so that they're comfortable moving around, but are still within the specific area I need them to be for photos. These sessions are shorter (45 minutes), which allows us enough time to get plenty of variety and an outfit change, but is short enough to avoid a cranky baby. The best part (I think!) is the styling: the super simple approach where your child is the focus of the photograph! 

It seems so simple and easy, but I've had several parents say to me "I tried taking photos but they don't look the same as yours". And often, the things that look easy are usually not.

The truth is, it took many years of learning to get to such a consistent look. And it not only requires extremely precise lighting, but also retouching, and of course the final product is printed on archival fine art photo paper that reproduces the whites so beautifully. Every time I see the final result for the babies I photograph, I wholeheartedly regret not getting to this point sooner, when my boys were little enough to have these types of images.

And that's why I really love these sessions. I know how precious and important these images are. Most of all, I know how amazing these will look large on the wall.. or displayed in a photo stand on a shelf or coffee table. How delighted grandparents will be to have them as a gift. And how thankful the child will be to have them when he's all grown up.

Psst.. my next Milestone Session event is on Saturday, April 28 2018! Be sure to reserve your spot here: