Eric and Veronica's Wonderful Home and Family

There is a common quality all of my clients tend to share. They all have beautifully-decorated homes, with kids rooms that are not only full of wonderful toys and keepsakes, but also create a wonderful environment for their children to grow up in.

Eric and Veronica’s home is no different. Their Mom takes pride in decorating and manages all the interior renovations that are currently underway. Eric’s room has all his favorites, too. He’s really into monster trucks and we got to spend some time together driving one around. His little sister has a room filled with textures and patterns that all flow together to create a magical space for her to enjoy everyday.

Both kids are absolutely amazing. They spent the photo session playing, jumping, running, and snuggling with Mom and Dad… and I think you can tell from the photos how much they enjoy doing all of those things. They simply adore their father. He is the strong male figure in the household. He runs his own business and definitely has a special bond with both of his children. And their Mom… is simply incredible. Not only does she work full time as a teacher, but she also runs a popular Facebook group for Greenwich Moms. She speaks three languages and loves to travel. The kids are truly blessed with such a lovely set of parents taking care of them, with a gorgeous home, and so much love and joy every day.