Evie's Studio Portraits

Studio photography can be pretty awful. Kids don't usually like sitting in one spot and being told what to do. Lighting can look pretty unnatural. And the whole experience can certainly feel a lot like pulling teeth (aka, not pleasant!).

Well, I refuse to do things that way.

That's one of the biggest reasons I'm drawn to an editorial style of photography. It's a style that relies on authentic expression. Personality. Natural-looking lighting. And images that look easy-going and fun... and real. It's not so different from photographing candid moments, actually. And it's absolutely perfect for capturing the many facets of a child's personality.

And it doesn't matter whether I'm photographing someone in their home or in my Studio, because I don't change my approach. My goal is always to create a meaningful image. A photograph that captures a little piece of time in that person's life. Their expression. Their interactions. A look. A smile. A simple portrait whose focus is the person, not styled objects.

And I stick with my approach. Because I believe in it with all my heart.

My studio doesn't have props or baskets. There are no whimsical chairs to sit in. No elaborate backgrounds. There's nothing extra that will add "interest" to the image, because I feel that the person in front of the camera is the most interesting already. I like things to be simple. And that's just me. That's what makes my heart sing and I plan on sticking with that. :)