Fall Family Photo Session at Waveny Park in New Canaan

Waveny Park in New Canaan is one of the most beautiful outdoor locations in Fairfield County Connecticut. It is also, for obvious reasons, extremely popular with photographers during the golden hour on the weekends. Nevertheless! When one of my favorite families selects Waveny Park as the perfect location for their Fall family session (they did, after all, get married there), I am more than happy to oblige. I'm also happy to sidestep all the gigantic reflectors, stands, and telephoto lenses to get to the quiet out-of-the-way spots free of distractions... and without other photographers.

I also travel light.

While I do use my Speedlight for my indoor images, my equipment for outdoor shots is extremely minimal. I have my camera body, my 85mm lens, and about 30 minutes to scope out the location and find the best spots for portraits. I look for natural reflectors, open spaces with no color casts, and plan out my shots, which means I don't really need light modifiers to get beautiful-looking photos. Now, there's a lot to be said for using flashes, strobes, and reflectors outdoors to get that perfect image. However, once little kids are involved, bulky equipment simply makes things more complicated.. if not impossible to execute. I try to avoid frustration during my photo sessions.

Now, there are so many reasons why I absolutely love this family.

The fact that Olivia has an amazing sense of style blows me away every time. Her favorite colors are pink and purple, but not just the typical shades of those very popular colors. She selects deeply saturated hues that are some of the prettiest pinks and purples I've ever seen. Her cardigan, by the way, perfectly matches her glittery sneakers.. and both go so well with Waveny Park's flowers. Mom and Dad are both lawyers and have one of those incredible relationships that is built on total trust and understanding. The fact that Olivia bring "Bunny" everywhere she goes. And just how amazing and loving these three people are towards each other. Most of all, I am so thankful to have been part of creating these beautiful family portraits for them to cherish as their family grows.