Family Vacation at the Trapp Family Lodge - Stowe, Vermont

Every year, we take a family vacation. Sometimes we go somewhere exotic (and expensive) like Paris, and other times we decide to spend a week with family in Vermont (umm, free lodging!). Not to be outdone by a complete lack of exciting plans for our vacation week, my husband decided to book two nights at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont. We were to re-live our first stay there four years ago, when Graham was about Elliot’s age, and it also made our plan to visit our awesome friends near Burlington so much more manageable.

So here we are. The Trapp Family Lodge – built by the family that inspired the Sound of Music. We made sure to arrive on the first day for their complimentary tea and cookies (no way in hell was I going to miss my favorite perk of staying there) and enjoyed a nice dinner at the Lounge (where we took turns walking around with the toddler.. what else is new, right?). Looking back at my photos from our first stay here in 2011 (right after Irene hit, btw), it was clear how much was missing. I took my camera out with me only a couple of times, even though we spent the whole week enjoying activities and the surrounding area. I don’t remember most of it.. because we had a crazy teething toddler and spent most of our trip being exhausted new parents.

This time around, I wasn’t going to let being tired and uncooperative children stop me from documenting our vacation. So while I didn’t have my camera permanently glued to my face (I strongly believe in being there, in the moment, to enjoy time with the family), I did make an effort to photograph as much as possible. The scenery of the place is just so gorgeous. The boys blessed us with being crazy for only 75% of the time (there’s something about all the wide-open spaces), and we got to see some furry cows, go for an actual hike in the woods, and tour an awesome chicken coop. And of course, we loved seeing our friends, which was the whole point of the detour in the first place.

I selected my favorite images from our stay to share.. because I assumed you probably didn’t want to see the full set of 79 photos. Can you image? That would be a really LONG blog post!