Griffin and Madeline's 2016 Family Session

Happy is a home where children grow up surrounded by photos of their family. Griffin and Madeline's parents have been slowly creating little photo nooks, picture frame collections, and photo displays since Griffin (the older brother) was born. They're art-lovers and designers and have beautiful framed artwork decorating their walls already.. so photographs of their children are simply a natural extension of that.

My kids are the center of my world, I love that my life has that focus and I love seeing them grow - it’s kind of amazing.
— Mom

Family photographs in the home actually boost children's self esteem. Framed photos create an inviting space and make sure kids feel loved and cared for. And most of all, I am incredibly honored that Mom and Dad have chosen me to create their family portraits for the past three years for serving that purpose.

Photography is about preserving this time in their life. The kids' rooms and their interests. Their life at home. Their interactions. The quirks and the expressions. But it also goes beyond that.

The truth is, this is the most photographed generation of children, but also one that will end up with nothing once we upgrade our technology in 10 or 20 years. We have tons of photos on our phones and very little that's actually printed.

I never thought I would be the type of mom who would decorate a boy’s room blue and a girl’s room pink - but that’s exactly how they’re decorated. Griffin’s room has been influenced by his affinity for sea creatures, Madeline’s is influenced by the children’s book Madeline.
— Mom

When I visit my client's homes for the second or third time, I do a little happy dance (on the inside, of course) when I spot photographs on display from their previous session. And they're always on display, because of one very simple reason. I make it super-easy to walk away from the photo session experience with a ready-to-display product. Whether it's the standard matted print which fits perfectly into any 8x10" frame, a set of prints that come with a beautiful stand so you don't have to do any work to display them, or an already-framed wall-sized photograph that comes with a nail and hook. The value isn't in the specific images my clients take home, it's in the fact that they can enjoy them every single day and then pass them down to their children so they have something to remember from their childhood.

Griffin and Madeline will have that. They will have images to remember their childhood. They will see what their parents looked like when they were little. And they will truly appreciate how special these images are when they have their own children to love and cherish, as much as their own parents cherished them.