In-home & Outdoor Family Session with Jace - Fairfield CT

Walking into Jace's home, it was clear how much thought, effort, and love went into creating such a beautiful space. When I told Carissa (Jace's mom), how impressed I was, she simply laughed and told me that since she and her husband are both accountants, they find it incredibly difficult to decorate. It all looks so effortless and so well put together that you would never know how much work has gone into it. And it’s exactly the same with photography. Every image we created together came from years of practice and learning. The final photos always look so effortless, but Carissa and I both know that most of the work usually takes place behind the scenes.

Carissa and her husband met while attending Fairfield University and have been together for FOURTEEN years! Their 6-month old son, Jace, is an absolute treasure(just look at that HAIR!). I’m always slightly skeptical when clients tell me how easy-going and sweet their babies are, but Jace really IS that easy going and wonderful! He is even starting to sit up and I loved that we were able to photograph him sitting unsupported (both parents were on each side of him for safety, of course).

Carissa’s main concern for the session was to avoid having a "dorky smile”. She did a newborn shoot with a different photographer previously, so she knew how weird it was to be in front of the camera. She simply wanted a beautiful photo of their whole family now that little Jace is a bit older. We made sure to select the best wardrobe for everyone, focusing on neutral colors, beautiful textures, and fabrics that flow. Most of all, I wanted to make sure that the family enjoyed the photography process together. I loved giving Carissa that little bit of encouragement that she needed to feel relaxed during the shoot (because, let’s face it, everyone feels self-conscious in this situation). And all of her worries? She and her husband were total naturals in front of the camera! They were AMAZING. Their perfect little son and well-behaved dog make up the most loving family I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I LOVED getting to know them and spending those few precious hours photographing their wonderful little family.