Local Business Spotlight: Haus of Pretty, Westport

Small business owners tend to pour their heart and soul into their companies.. and that goes double for Kelsey Morey, the owner of Haus of Pretty in Westport. She recently opened a brand new renovated Studio right across from the Westport train station which literally takes my breath away with its beauty and simplicity. This bright and inviting space is full of personal touches (like cute little succulents!) and hand-selected hair-care products, perfectly arranged on white shelf displays.

Kelsey, the owner of Haus of Pretty.

Kelsey, the owner of Haus of Pretty.

And while Kelsey is still perfecting her space, clients are already enjoying the benefits.. like complimentary snacks, aromatherapeutic shampoos, and expertly executed Balayage hair painting that is Kelsey’s specialty. Balayage is something I didn’t really know anything about, having abandoned coloring my hair sometime in College. And now, as a busy parent, I simply have no time to worry about root touch ups and keeping up with hair color.. which is why balayage seems like the perfect solution! Since the highlights are custom painted, everything looks 100% natural, and they seamlessly blend into the original hair color so roots are minimal. (You can read more about Kelsey’s approach to balayage here: https://www.hausofpretty.com/blog/balayage)

Haus of Pretty does another thing really well, and that’s event/photoshoot hair styling and makeup application. Kelsey and her stylists and my go-to when I need a hair and makeup artist in the Studio. Kelsey personally trains all her staff and they’re held to the highest standard in beauty and makeup artistry. The hardest part of makeup application for portraits is that makeup looks and photographs differently on camera than it does in real life. You have to compensate for the difference, because we all want to look fresh-faced and youthful.. and not pale and tired. Which is another reason why experience (and artists who care about their craft) truly matters.

So if you’re considering adding on-site hair & makeup to your next N. Lalor Photography portrait session, you just might get to work with Kelsey and her team from Haus of Pretty! And if you’ve been looking for a new haircut or color, you should give Haus of Pretty a try! Kelsey goes above and beyond to create a completely custom look for each client and it’s 100% worth it. I am always amazed after a fresh haircut at how silky smooth my hair is.. no other stylist I’ve worked with previously achieved anything similar! Just remember to make an appointment (you can instantly book online) as the Studio is by appointment only to accommodate clients as needed. :)

Haus of Pretty

24 Railroad Place. Westport, CT (right across the NY-bound side of train station)


Book online: https://www.hausofpretty.com