Michelle's Beautiful Family - Fairfield, CT

Michelle is absolutely amazing. She teaches first and second graders, writes for the Fairfield County Moms Blog, and takes care of three kids (4-yr old boy and 2-yr old twins). Michelle and her husband live in Fairfield Connecticut and have the most beautiful home and a gorgeous back yard. We started the session by playing on swings and sitting together in the beautiful outdoor setting. Michelle’s husband actually put the massive backyard swing set together by all by himself, which is somewhat crazy and incredibly impressive. He’s a sports guy, so I guess that means he can do manly things around the house just fine!

It’s always slightly challenging to photograph a family of five, especially when toddlers are involved.. and I that goes double for twins. Michelle was so patient and calm with her children. She is a teacher, and I guess that mindset and experience comes in handy at times like this! We let the kids run around and took them for a little walk on their street. I photographed the children as they picked flowers and walked together with their parents. We set up a studio background in the playroom for some party-time dancing and a couple of studio portraits and then headed up to the kitchen and living room for a snack and some lifestyle shots. The best, of course, was meeting Michelle’s kids and getting to hang out with her whole family.

And you can read all about the experience from Michelle’s perspective on the Fairfield County Moms Blog.