Working with a 13-year old girl is very different than my usual round of babies and toddlers during family sessions.. even the 6 and 8 year olds I've had in the Studio lately are nothing like the sophistication and high-stakes that a teen brings to the table.

Millie is her own fully-formed person. She has personal interests (one of which is actually photography!.. and she loves abstract art), a defined style, and an incredible eye when it comes to what she likes and doesn't like.

For Millie, I really focused on the photoshoot experience as the main event. She understands and appreciates the fact that she is modeling for the camera. All the attention is on her, from professional hair styling before the session, to wardrobe selection, and finally the individual attention the photographer (that's me!) pays to all the little details within the image. Her image. Her appearance, expression, and movement are the building blocks of a beautiful portrait. And the fact that she actually enjoyed the process, is absolutely priceless.

Oh, and another thing about Millie is that she has one brown eye and one blue... which is simply incredible.. and gorgeous. Be sure to click on the images below to view them full-screen to really see how awesome her eyes are!