Mother's Day Mini Sessions!

It's like a tradition. Every year, on Mother's Day, I put on a nice outfit, some makeup, and force my husband (or whoever else is around) to take photos of me and my children. I'm always the photographer in the family, and as a result, there are very few photos of ME. But when it's Mother's Day... the whole family pretty much has to do what I say. Out of all the possibilities, I feel that capturing a few images where I'm actually in the frame is more important than a overcrowded fancy brunch or a bouquet of flowers. So yea, I pretty much force my family to have a photoshoot just so I can make sure my boys won't grow up with absolutely no photos of their Mom.

This year, however, on Sunday May 8, 2016, I will be bringing a simple studio setup to Ella & Henry children's store in New Canaan, so that other Moms can have the opportunity to get a few beautiful images of themselves and their children. I'm doing this because I know that this is the only day that a Mom can 100% request something so personal and unique and the rest of the family will have to make it happen (because let's face it, when do kids actually want to sit for photos?). It's a super-easy, low-commitment thing that's a total no-brainer as a Mother's Day gift! 

And you can find all the info at

Oh, and I made a little video for the event, too...