Naturally Styled Family Session with 3 Sisters - Wilton, Connecticut

"Life is a little insane with three kids."

Yes, even if those three kids are the lovely little girls I met during our family photo session: Riley (6), Emerson (4), and Dylan (2). The family has been in their beautiful Wilton home for exactly a month and a half, but you'd never know it from how well put-together and decorated the interiors are. Each girl got to pick her own room, too. Riley and Emerson love the fact that they have a shared bathroom and leave the door open at night so they can talk to each other. Mom also let the girls pick their own color scheme for their rooms and they worked together to decorate them.

Mom and Dad met during freshmen year of College (she was still in High School at that time) and got married young, right after College graduation. They knew within a few months of meeting that they were going to get married. Both are the oldest of three siblings, so it's only fitting that they have three kids themselves. Now, their weekends are full of family get-togethers, watching football, soccer coaching on Saturdays, and skiing during the Winter months. The girls love to run around in the back yard, do crafts in their play room, and to ride their scooter bikes on the 3rd floor of the home - an unfinished part of the house that's 2,000 square feet of open space (pretty cool right?). 

Riley is the most like Mom. She is sensitive, really sweet, and is the rule-follower. She loves doing arts and crafts, drawing, playing sports, and takes good care of her younger sisters. Emerson is the funny one. She's the middle child, so she needs more attention than her sisters, but she's super-silly and makes everyone laugh all the time. Dylan is the little firecracker. She wants to do everything that the big girls are doing even though she can't do a lot of it yet. "She's 2 going on 22", according to Mom.

Mom's only request for our photo session was to try and get a photo of all five members of the family smiling. She understood all too well how difficult that task might be since she herself loves photography and has been taking the most stunning photos of her kids for over three years now. But it's that family photo - that perfect shot of everyone together - that has proved elusive so far. And really, there's no trick or gimmick to get it. I simply had to make the experience really fun for the girls. Jumping on beds, reading a book with Mom and Dad, snuggling on the couch, and running around in the yard - who wouldn't want to do those things? The girls were perfectly happy to pose and smile and be themselves in front of the camera. But most of all, they had a really great time together! Watching families enjoy being around each other makes me smile every single time.. and I hope you can get a sense of how amazing this family is from these photographs.