Naturally Styled Family Session with Owen - Westport, CT

Owen is obsessed with wagon rides. Lucky for him, his home has a big back yard which is perfect for enjoying a ride or two. Owen’s parents both work, so on the weekends, they always try to get the most out of their time together as a family. They chase their 17-month old boy around, play “hide" and seek, jump on the bed, tickle each other, and let Owen climb on the couch. Owen’s Mom specifically wanted images that were spontaneous and of the moment. She wanted to remember what was happening in their lives at this point in time rather than having photos of them that don’t say very much. 

Mom also insisted that she wasn’t very photogenic. I hear this often. In fact, it’s almost my speciality. I photograph the most beautiful women who simply need a little help being in front of the camera. Owen’s Mom is so smart, loving towards her family, stylish to boot, and absolutely beautiful. All she needed to look gorgeous in photos is flattering lighting, clothing that suited her and didn't distract, and a little posing direction. When she saw the images we captured, she whole-heartedly maintained that this is the best she’s looked in photos since getting a couple of good pictures from her wedding day. Really, what else could a photographer ask for? That totally made my day.

But I digress. Owen had a lot of fun hanging out with his parents during our time together! We did quite a bit of the usual weekend stuff, which is exactly what Mom was hoping for. Meaningful images that show a happy family as they are, that's exactly what I was hoping for too. A lovely home filled with joy and so carefully decorated deserves to live in photographs. And when Owen grows up, he will have these memories to look back on, beautifully preserved in photographic form.