Newborn Family Session with Jacob (Stamford, CT)

Taking care of a newborn is HARD. It's certainly one of the hardest things I've done in my life. So when I photograph a newborn, I understand how exhausted Mom is. I know what it's like to not get any sleep and to have way too much to take care of every single day. And I don't want having a photo session to add to the stress.

There is a beauty in the everyday that becomes hazy and unnoticeable when you're in survival mode with a new baby. The house becomes a mess and motivation fades into nonexistence. But an at-home lifestyle newborn session doesn't have to be stressful. In fact, it's usually a chance to relax and simply appreciate spending time with the baby!

I love how tiny and sweet Jacob is. He is so expressive and alert. He loves to coo and gurgle and to study faces.

And that's what I love most about these sessions. They are so natural. Nobody tries to make the baby do anything he doesn't want to. There's no posing, no baskets, no waiting for the baby to fall asleep. And all the clutter gets pushed out of the frame or cleared away, without Mom having a lift a finger. So even though Jacob's Mom was as exhausted as any parent with a newborn, all she had to do was spend about an hour doing what she normally does anyway. And yes, that includes changing the baby, navigating brother-sister relations, tummy time, and endless walking so he can fall asleep. Because those moments are part of Jacob's childhood. And because they are important.

My oldest is turning six, so having a newborn feels new all over again. I’m still trying to make peace with how often I have to nurse Jacob and that I won’t get to sleep through the night for a while.
— Mom

And there's Jacob's room. It's simple and beautiful and decorated using my favorite color (hint, it's gray!). This is where he'll be growing up and I can guarantee that a year from now, his room will look different as his needs change.

Jacob’s room is simply decorated in neutral tones. We wanted to give him a blank slate that he can grow into and make his own as he discovers his own likes and dislikes. We love how sunny the room is all day.
— Mom

Of course, nothing will ever beat holding your new baby in your arms, but I like to think that photographs are something of a close second.. or at least a bit less fleeting than the real thing. :)