One Morning with Aarika (Trumbull, CT)

“One Morning” is a documentary photography project done in partnership with Fairfield County Mom’s Blog. It is a rare an intimate peek into the everyday lives of moms, one morning at a time.

My morning with Aarika lasted exactly 45 minutes. By all means, it was the shortest time I spent photographing a mom for this project. It turns out that Aarika has a job that she has to get to (hopefully before I-95 turns into a parking lot), so things like having a leisurely breakfast are not exactly a priority. Which is really surprising, because Aarika happened to be making the most delicious-looking breakfast when I arrived, at 6:15am. Pancakes! 

Aarika’s daughter Emmy woke up shortly after the pancakes came off the pan. Emmy followed her mom's lead and quickly got changed, dressed for the day, and joined Aarika in the bathroom to properly style her hair for the day. Everyone's lunch was put together and before I knew it, the whole family was ready to head out to their respective engagements. Mom to work and Emmy with Dad to daycare. 7am on the dot. It was pretty impressive!

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