One Morning with Amy (Westport, CT)

“One Morning” is a documentary photography project done in partnership with Fairfield County Mom’s Blog. It is a rare an intimate peek into the everyday lives of moms, one morning at a time.

Amy is a mother of two boys. Two adorable little men that are super lucky to have such a great mom and dad taking care of them every day. On the morning of our photoshoot, Amy and her hubby were getting the boys ready for a trip to the Zoo…

Like me, Amy appreciates some good lazy time in bed snuggling with a quickly-growing little baby, who will be one in October. His brother usually sleeps in, but I’m guessing all the fun we were having woke him up a bit early. A bit of reading and playing with toys followed.. and the family headed downstairs to prepare breakfast. This is when I discovered that the baby will pretty much eat anything (and a lot of it), while the big boy gets delicious waffles with jam! Oh and the family also enjoys some awesome music while they work in the kitchen (there might have been some disagreement over the choice of tunes, however). Getting ready is of course never easy with two kids (especially since Dad made his exit for work right after breakfast). There was some couch cushion pretend play, sunscreen avoidance, and teeth-brushing before Amy was able to corral and dress everyone for the Zoo. Not to be outdone, big brother also took a trip down the driveway, because, hey, why not, right? We captured so many fun images of Amy’s morning that it was incredibly difficult narrowing down the ones to include in this post.. but I did it, and here they are.

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