One Morning with Julie (Ridgefield, CT)

“One Morning” is a documentary photography project done in partnership with Fairfield County Mom’s Blog. It is a rare an intimate peek into the everyday lives of moms, one morning at a time.

Julie has two boys. Two awesome, sweet, lovely little boys that are so much better behaved than my boys ever are. Her sons actually seem to get along, too. Oh, and I love the fact that she and her husband met through their shared love for tennis! Our morning together involved quite a bit of activity. The boys started off the day with some jumping on the crib mattress (which, I didn't even know was possible!) and checking out the gorgeous view outside, parents doing some kitchen cleanup, making breakfast (french toast, yum!!), playing cards at the table, the baby feeding the dog (of course), dancing, everyone doing running races in the backyard, the boys getting dressed, and finally heading out for camp. It was a ton of fun.. and I certainly enjoyed trying to capture everything with my camera.

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