One Morning with Maria (Stamford, CT)

“One Morning” is a documentary photography project done in partnership with Fairfield County Mom’s Blog. It is a rare an intimate peek into the everyday lives of moms, one morning at a time.

Maria was my last "One Morning" mom. It was quite fitting, I thought, that she was also the closest (it took me exactly 10 minutes to reach her house). She is also going through a situation I am quite familiar with. She is home on maternity leave, taking care of her new baby and her older son. Two boys. I know something about that. :)

We started early (6:15am), because if Maria wants any hope of eating breakfast, she needs to do it before the kids wake up (her hubby is out the door super early for work). The baby was, of course, awake shortly after. Baby snuggles and nursing took place... followed by Michael screaming "Mom!!" from his bedroom to indicate that he was awake. That's when the juggling began. Michael played with Legos, got his breakfast and a lot of encouragement to actually eat it. His baby brother alternated between nursing and napping (typical). And eventually the whole family got fed, dressed, and made plans for the day. We finished two hours after we started, with some fun shots of Michael playing in the back yard, and Maria video-taping him with her phone (which is something she does all the time). Two amazing little boys and a mother who definitely does her best to take care of them.. I feel ever so grateful to have met them.

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