One Morning with Dana

Dana is the lucky winner of a "One Morning" session with me via the Fairfield County Mom's Blog. So it's really quite appropriate that she's a writer, and an artist, and a loving mom of a 3-month old baby boy. She and her son, Troy, usually enjoy their mornings together as her husband is typically at work pretty early (he's an orthopedic PA at Yale New Haven Hospital).

As their usual routine goes, Dana and her baby boy were still snuggling in bed when I arrived. We made sure to capture a few of those sweet moments before Troy got a diaper change and a fresh new outfit. Dana then made herself some coffee (a must) and some eggs for breakfast, ate at mom-speed (you know what I'm talking about), and spent the rest of the time playing with and entertaining her adorable little boy (keeping a baby happy is a full time job!). She sets up play areas in several rooms in the house so she doesn't feel like she's stuck in one place the whole day (so brilliant!) and usually goes for a walk around the neighborhood to get some fresh air. Apparently we had such a good time that Troy fell soundly asleep in his Mama's arms right after the stroll. Above all, it was such a pleasure meeting Dana and learning all about her morning! I am so grateful for getting to know all the wonderful Moms as part of this project and for getting a little peek into their lives.

And be sure to read Dana's Blog post about her morning on Fairfield County Moms Blog site.