After Phoebe and I were done with her photoshoot and she left the Studio, she turned to her Mom and asked "Mom, am I famous now?".

It's easy to see why Phoebe felt that way! I structure these studio sessions to make kids feel like the center of the universe (seriously, these kids deserve it!). As parents, we are all so incredibly busy. We struggle to keep all the balls in the air and try our hardest to be everything to everyone, every day. And as kids get older, we trust them to do more things on their own, but in turn, we spend less and less of our valuable time one-on-one with them.

I see this in my own son. All he wants is undivided attention. It comes out as constant talking. He asks questions nonstop and literally talks topics to death while we drive to and from summer camp. Let me repeat that.. all he wants is attention. He wants to feel loved and cared about and that's his way of getting what he needs (as annoying as it is in the end). 

And that's one of the biggest reasons why I love photography. Not only does it make me hyper-focused on the person who is in front of my camera, but the person I'm photographing can also FEEL how absolutely devoted I am to them. That's why a lot of people actually feel uncomfortable in front of the camera.. we're not used to all that attention!

But tweens? They absolutely love it. Because they still remember what it was like when they had all eyes on them. For them, being in front of the camera is pretty damn awesome.. and in some cases, feeling FAMOUS is what happens, too.

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