Photography Studio Tour

I had this completely unrealistic dream of one day having my own photo Studio. Why was it unrealistic? Because technically speaking, I didn't really need a Studio. I was perfectly happy providing the best service to my clients by traveling to them. 

But there was something missing without a space to call my own. I didn't want to just provide the best service to my clients, I wanted to provide an unforgettable experience, too. I wanted full control over the presentation. I wanted to create a comforting environment and to welcome them into my space as a proper host. I wanted to give the beautiful high-end products I sell a real place to live that would truly show off how beautiful they are. And you simply can't do that without a Studio.

So here we are.

It took me almost two months to make this little space my own. It slowly came alive, out of a detailed floor plan, a Pinterest board, and endless manual labor that made it all possible. Every corner of the 400 square foot space serves a purpose. The client meeting area is a welcoming living room where I can chat with perspective clients and show videos and images on the 48" LCD display. The "reveal wall" is the presentation space for the Ordering Appointments. Gorgeous hand-crafted frames decorate the walls and give clients a true perspective on sizing. And a mini beverage fridge holds refreshments that are perfect for little kids. I can now have 107" studio backgrounds that are super simple to switch out during a photoshoot with a wall-mounted system. And a working area with a mirrored wardrobe to hold all my packaging and supplies.

This Studio is truly a realization of my dream. I poured my entire soul into it.. to create a place deserving of the wonderful families I work with. I know it will change and grow, but one thing will always be the same, it will be a space that caters to my clients.. and something that creates a truly special experience for them.

A new process

Here is what will stay the same:

  1. I will still be traveling to Client's homes for family sessions. I truly believe that families, babies, and newborns should be photographed in their most special surroundings.
  2. Prices will remain the same (at least for now).
  3. My style isn't changing. A candid, editorial approach is still very much my jam.. the Studio option will simply allow me to simplify and further explore the essence of my approach. 
  4. My focus will remain on providing a full-service experience and giving individual attention to each client (aka, this is not turning into a high-volume business).

Here are the things that will change:

  1. Clients will have the option of meeting me in the Studio for initial inquiry consultations.
  2. Ordering Appointments will now take place in the Studio to give Clients a better experience and greater access to products.
  3. I will now be offering kid's portrait sessions in the Studio. These will include three different looks, styling, and a really fun experience that caters specifically to older children.
  4. I will also be holding a couple of Mini Session events throughout the year to give families the opportunity to try out the experience without a huge time commitment. 

And here are some images of my new Studio space.. but, of course, nothing beats seeing it in person. ;)