Simple Portraits of my Kids - Fairfield County, Connecticut

I don't know why, but I'm always totally surprised when someone says "As a photographer, you must have a lot of photos of your kids!". Not really! Or do I? What's a lot?

My kids are like all the other children. They don't want to sit and pose for the camera, they don't smile on command, and they certainly would rather run around and play instead of indulging their mom for a picture. We're also busy. Weekends involve swim lessons, meals, nap times, and a playdate or two. Allocating time to document my boys isn't usually a priority.

So I *try* to photograph them at least once a month. Sometimes I photograph just the baby, because his older brother really can't be bothered. But this past weekend, for Mother's Day, I was determined to get them both in front of the camera.

Not only that, but I also wanted truly timeless simple portraits as the final product. Setting up a seamless paper backdrop in the kids' room is one of my favorite ways to photograph them, too. The emphasis is entirely on their personality, their expressions, and their completely honest behavior in front of the camera. Of course, my baby/toddler found trying to rip down the paper endlessly amusing and spent most of our 15 minutes together causing way too much trouble. But I love these photos. I love my oldest son's sun-happy freckles. And how crazy the baby is. And how they're both so happy and carefree and relaxed and completely themselves.

Btw, I'll be posting a few of the outtakes on Instagram, so feel free to follow me there!