Sophie's 6-Month Session (New Canaan, CT)

Parents are short on time. When I was in my 20's, I thought I was busy. I was always working, commuting, running errands, and it seemed like I never had time for anything. And then I became a parent. That's when I laughed (or was it, cried?) about the actual lack of time.

Sophie's parents are no different. They wanted newborn photos, and somehow, it was 6 months later and they still haven't had the chance to arrange the whole professional photoshoot thing. I don't blame them! Who has time for that? When you have a little baby relying on you to basically keep her alive, what else could be important enough to take time out of the day? When both parents work and prioritize spending time together over shopping around for the best photographer, other important life things win in terms of priority.

Sophie and her parents also happen to live in Boston.

Seriously, that's THREE hours away. But Sophie's Mom stumbled upon my card at Ella & Henry in New Canaan while visiting grandma (who does live locally).. and things clicked. She finally had an easy(ish) way to get those precious baby photos. And I certainly try to make things as easy as possible.

That sometimes includes working on a national Holiday (which, I actually don't mind at all). It means blocking out a day so we can catch the best time between unpredictable naps and family obligations. I even did a 32-hour turnaround on images to make sure I could still do a photo reveal in person before they head back to Boston. This wasn't exactly a "typical" family session. But the payoff is worth it. The fact that we were able to make this happen, that we finally got photographs of Sophie and her family, is absolutely worth it. It's the entire reason I do this. It's why I'm really quite likely to refer potential clients to another well-qualified photographer if I feel that she will better serve their needs. I'm not in this for myself. I'm here to make sure families end up with a photographic legacy for their children.

And I do everything in my power to serve that purpose.