Styled Children's Photo Shoot at the Beach - Milford, CT

I love the beach right around sunset. This summer, I really wanted to have a styled children's photo shoot with flower head-pieces and bohemian dresses. Each head-piece is inspired by the girl's favorite color and hand-made by me. I wanted to make sure the flowers didn't upstage the portrait, so I made sure to keep them simple and contained in a headband-type setting. The girls loved their flower headbands and seemed so at home wearing their beautiful dresses, too.

The older two girls in the photos are sisters, aged 8 (Taylor) and 11 (Sophia). The youngest girl, Ava, is 4.  I loved seeing the interaction between them and they were so absolutely wonderful during the whole process. They had so much fun running around barefoot, practicing posing, and taking turns being in front of the camera. This entire photoshoot lasted a brief thirty minutes - the girls had so much wonderful energy and we moved through everything so quickly! I have tons of favorites from this session, too.. and I think you can probably see why.