Styled Fall Family Shoot - New Canaan, CT

This is one of my favorite families... and not just to photograph. I am always so impressed with how warm and caring Mom is towards her kids. Her patience and devotion shows with every interaction. I love that the children feel completely at home around their parents and aren't afraid to go off and do their own thing. The boys love science, nature, and exploring everything around them. Their little sister is very much the baby in the family and still loves to snuggle with both of her loving parents.

For this particular shoot, we wanted to do something a bit different. Styling involved two weeks of prep and hand-selecting the perfect wardrobe for each family member. Mom and I focused on coordinating colors and bringing together everyone's different styles and preferences. Little sister Evie got to wear a beautiful dress with a star crown from JCrew, while the twin boys matched with shawl collar sweaters and jeans. I love that Mom was adventurous enough to wear such a gorgeous and fashionable Faux-Fur Shawl Vest from Anthropologie and Dad got a brand new sweater for the occasion. We had such a great time, too! For some reason, having a photographer focus all the attention on the boys made them really excited - they ran around, played with sticks, climbed trees, and were willing to pose in-between, with their parents and with each other. Even Evie, who wasn't feeling her best (when are the kids not sick this time of year) cuddled with Mom and showed some smiles. This family will cherish these photos forever and I can't wait to see them on their Holiday/Christmas card this year!