Summer Vacation

Hi everyone! It's not often that I take a break or actually step away from work, but a family vacation to Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont is worth unplugging for a bit! I will be away from August 22 until August 30th (back in time for my 7-yr old to start second grade) and won't be on social media or online during that time (because we'll be too busy watching House Hunters and taking naps in the hotel room).

That being said, I am happy to answer emails if you need to reach me (, it might just take a full 24 hours instead of the quick turnaround that happens now. All phone calls will go to voicemail and I probably won't be returned until I'm back.

Lastly, I hope everyone is enjoying this last week of summer! I am so excited to relax for a bit as I gear up for the busy season.. and so look forward to the return of regular school schedules and routines!