Photoshoot for Westport Bike Rentals

Tracy, the owner of Westport Bike Rentals (aka "The Bike Lady") is one of those truly passionate business owners whose enthusiasm spreads to everyone she speaks to. She reached out to me regarding her website - she wanted to fill in a few gaps in imagery before the official launch of her business. She needed a headshot, but also photos of her brand-new bicycle fleet.. with a California vibe and a lifestyle feel. When we met in person to chat about her needs, she was able to perfectly relay her vision - a West Coast bike rental that's actually in Westport.

We drove around Compo Beach looking for the perfect location and hashed out the details on the spot. I looked at things from a creative point of view and Tracy was able to tell me whether it would actually work or not (like, no bikes on the sand, and riding has to be done on the road). This is what I absolutely love about working with another small business - she knows her stuff as well as I know mine, and we're able to enhance the final product tenfold as a result. 

The photoshoot itself happened at dawn. As in, everyone had to wake up before 5am, dawn. We wanted those sun-lit warm images, without too many people in the background, and before the start of May (the official launch of her site). So dawn it was. And it was gorgeous. None of our bicycling models were actual models - they were, instead, completely wonderful and real people. We had about 45 minutes of that perfect sunlit glow to work with. And, with a shot-list and schedule in hand, we made it happen.

My goal for any photoshoot is to make sure I nail the assignment. It's nice to think that being an artist comes first, but it's always more important to listen to the client. To find out what they need. To collaborate, and engage, and deliver something we can both be proud of. These photographs don't just show people using Tracy's bicycles - they convey a feeling that would be impossible to communicate otherwise. They tell her brand's story. And that's a beautiful thing.