Winter In-home Lifestyle Family Session with Gray - Norwalk, CT

This past year, Gray's family moved from Washington DC to Connecticut. They live in this gorgeous 1880's Colonial that was restored by Martha Stewart's company for a potential reality show (yes, I know, it's pretty awesome). His parents work in foreign service for the government and spent years abroad in exotic places like Morocco and Afghanistan. They have shelves filled with marvelous, smart books about foreign countries and politics.. and hand-carved furniture that originates from all over the world. Their home has several fireplaces, loads of character, and beautiful landscaping.  Gray is growing up with an incredible amount of sophistication all around him.. and two of the most amazing loving parents to boot.

When I talked with Gray's Mom before the photo session, she told me that her husband really doesn't like posed portraits. She was so excited to have professional photos taken of their family, but also wanted them to be real, and honest, and completely them. I guess we'll call it a lucky thing that photographing a 2-year-old means very little posing can actually be accomplished. I'll repeat that again, you can't pose a 2-year old. You can't get them to do what you want. And you can't boss them around, because that's their job... and that's totally fine by me!

Gray is just a few weeks shy of turning 2 years old. His favorite activities include running around, sweeping with a broom (albeit not very helpfully), reading books with his Mama, riding his tricycle, and being a "little Dictator" (aren't they all?). He has such a funny sense of humor and loves to playfully tease and laugh. Most of all, Gray is a total sweetheart. He is just so charming and good-natured.. and I absolutely adore him.

It's amazing how toddlers can be so similar and different at the same time (my youngest boy is right about Gray's age, so I know). They have this iron-will when it comes to getting what they want. They're active and slightly crazy and completely adorable, all the time. Toddlers can be a challenge to photograph, if, as the photographer, you go try to run the show instead of realizing your best option is to let them decide. Let them do their own thing, and you end up with real smiles, honest moments, and images that show a sweet little boy as he really is.