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How about a shortcut to getting the most out of your camera, right now?

This is a private hands-on class that is customized specifically for your skill level. It's total access to the skills and knowledge a professional family/child photographer can offer.. because knowing which settings to use on the camera is only a part of getting that great photo.

I want to help you set up your camera so you don't have to struggle with it anymore. I want to give you the tools you need to be better and learn smarter after our lesson together... and I want to cultivate the kind of relationship between you and your photography that will pay off for years to come.


each lesson includes:

A custom 2-hour lesson so we can focus exactly on what you need to learn

Instructions on how to set up your camera for best results

Explanation of your camera's features

A walkthrough of your home to find the best spots to photograph

Discussion of various photography topics

Tips & tricks on how to best capture children and babies

Answers to any questions you might have about your camera

Complete access to professional photography knowledge in my head

Really practical advice, and not a list of gear to purchase

2 hours: $345

(Plus CT 6.35% sales tax. Travel is included within Fairfield County, CT)



WHY IT’S SO HARD TO get great photos

People usually assume that my fancy DSLR does most of the work for me. They see the big camera and the impressive lens and it’s easy to think that all you need to get a great photo is some expensive equipment. But what most people find out when they upgrade to their first DSLR is that it’s not simple or easy to use.. and it certainly doesn’t automatically produce the types of photos we see online. The camera is just a tool, the real key is knowing how to use it.

Professional photographers want you to believe that they’re the only ones who can get those gorgeous images of your children. But the only thing they have that you don’t is knowledge.. and lots of practice, of course. It takes years to master photography, but mastering the DSLR is actually pretty simple.

If you ever got confused looking through the camera manual, have no idea what all those numbers actually mean, and tend to stick with the AUTO mode.. I know exactly how you feel! Cameras have tons of features and settings, but the truth is, you only need to use a small fraction of them to get beautiful photos. Things don't have to be overly technical and you don't need top of the line equipment, either. 

And if you want to photograph your kids, even if they don’t sit still, listen, or smile at the camera.. I have all the tips and tricks you need, and won’t find in the manual.

What you'll learn

(Each lesson is unique, but here are some things we'll probably go over)

Camera Settings & Features

Image quality settings

The difference between RAW and JPEG formats

In-camera picture styles

ISO, shutter speed, aperture settings

Focus modes/points

White balance settings

Metering modes

Exposure compensation

Portrait and auto modes

Using Manual mode


Photography Topics

How to properly hold the camera

Setting up your DSLR just the way you want it

Handling and using memory cards

Organizing, editing, and storing your photos

How to select the best lenses for your needs

Composition and being creative

Tips for nailing focus every time

Finding the best light for portraits

Tips & tricks for taking better photos of kids/babies

Long-terms goals and learning

My Approach

I approach these one-on-one lessons as a private tutorial in helping you get the most out of your camera. I love being able to explain what all options do and why the camera thinks the way it does. I don’t use complicated numbers or technical jargon - because I like things to be simple. I don’t expect you to become an expert overnight, but you will be armed with the most practical real-world knowledge of how to use your camera, which will allow you to advance quickly. I try to focus on what’s important and explain what’s useful, so a couple hours is all you need to start getting the most out of your fancy DSLR... I promise.


A little bit about me

I’ve had a camera glued to my hand for over 15 years and have taken tens of thousands of photographs. I’ve had my own photography business since 2013, and have photographed kids and families all over Connecticut and NY. I know how important it is to preserve memories of my own children and I want every other mom out there to be able to take professional-looking photos with their camera, too.

- Nataliya Lalor, Portrait Photographer


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