Clara (Newborn)

With a photography Studio, sometimes people assume that it’s a big production. My Studio, however, is simply a relaxed little place to have photoshoots and client meetings. I don’t have a receptionist or a staff. There are no associate photographers. It’s not a retail store front (in fact, it’s tucked away on a second floor). And when you call my business phone line, I’m the only person who picks up.

Which is one of the reasons I absolutely LOVE newborn sessions. Because it’s usually just me and the parents with the baby. 

Or in this case, Clara and her Mom. Clara is her third child.. third girl, in fact. She is adored by two older sisters and a very high-in-demand dad (he is currently working on opening Roost in Darien).. and in the end, we decided to just keep it to the two of them. 

And it’s that one-on-one attention that I love. My clients are some of my favorite people. Every family is so different. Every Mom so special. And every baby so full of personality even at one month old. And you can’t get the full benefit of working collaboratively without that personal interaction in a cozy setting. Where else do you get to talk about a new baby for two hours straight? Everything from breastfeeding to sleeping habits and the differences between baby #1 and baby #2, or #3. That stuff is endlessly fascinating to me and I can literally talk about it forever! And because it’s just me, I’m the one who gets the privilege.

That’s why I work so hard to keep things small (and lean!). I don’t mind handling every aspect of my business (with some help from a Studio management software) because that’s the best way to ensure that everything is consistent. And it allows me to get to know my clients. I’m the one they talk to before they book their session. They work with me during the photoshoot. And I’m the one who does the big reveal of their photographs during the ordering appointment. Why would I want an assistant or sales associate to have all that fun instead?? I serve some of the most wonderful families in the area and I wouldn’t want to miss a moment!