The photographer


Nataliya Lalor has been photographing professionally since 2013. She currently lives in Westport with her husband, two spirited boys, and a friendly black cat named Huxley.



quality matters

“Families used to own heirlooms for generations, and now we surround ourselves with lots of stuff that is meant to only last a short while. Photography should embody the beautiful workmanship of items that are meant to be cherished for hundreds of years.. Museum-quality printing. hand-crafted USA made products, and artwork that is timeless in its simplicity. I believe in this with all my heart.. and I hope you do too!”

- Nataliya Lalor

A few of my favorite things

  • English breakfast tea, which I drink every morning.

  • Uncluttered surfaces.

  • That unnatural quiet when the kids are out of the house.

  • Skiing in the winter, hiking in the summer.

  • Reading by our cozy wood-burning fireplace.

  • Literally anything from Ada’s Kitchen & Coffee (or Roost).

  • Traveling. So far I’ve been to France, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Canada, and Iceland, plus lots of gorgeous places in the US.

  • Spreadsheet and planning (I like being organized).

  • Gardening - or rather buying plants and inadvertently killing them.

  • When someone else makes dinner.

Studio Location

1081 E. Putnam Ave. Greenwich, Connecticut 06878

Located in Greenwich Connecticut, N. Lalor Photography’s Studio is a beautifully designed bright space for families and kids.

All Studio sessions include complimentary refreshments, no-rush timing, and individual attention from the Photographer. Please note that the Studio is by appointment only.

Studio features:

  • Easy and free on-site parking lot

  • Complimentary refreshments

  • Zero-VOC interior paint used throughout

  • Child-proof and sustainable finishes