The photographer


Nataliya Lalor has been photographing professionally since 2012. She currently lives in Westport with her husband, two rowdy little boys, and a friendly black cat named Huxley.



quality matters

“Families used to own heirlooms for generations, and now we surround ourselves with tons of stuff that is meant to only last a short while. Photography should embody the beautiful workmanship of items that are meant to be cherished for hundreds of years. Fine art printing. Hand-crafted, USA made products. And artwork that is timeless in its simplicity. I believe in this with all my heart.. and I hope you do too!”

- Nataliya Lalor

A few of my favorite things

  • English breakfast tea, which I have every morning.

  • Books.. I plan to read at least 60 in 2019!

  • A tidy home (thank you Marie Kondo).

  • Skiing in the winter, hiking in the summer.

  • Reading by our cozy wood-burning fireplace.

  • Literally anything from Ada’s Kitchen & Coffee (or Roost).

  • Traveling. So far I’ve been to France, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Canada, and Iceland, and lots of gorgeous places in the US.

  • Spreadsheet and planning (I like being organized).

  • Gardening. One day I hope to actually keep something alive for a while.

  • When someone else makes dinner.

Studio Location

1081 E. Putnam Ave. Greenwich, Connecticut 06878

(second floor, by appointment only)

Located in Greenwich Connecticut, N. Lalor Photography’s Studio is a beautifully designed bright space for families and kids.

All Studio sessions include as much time as you need and complimentary refreshments. Only one client is booked per day to allow for sufficient time, attention, and creativity from the Photographer. Please note that the Studio is by appointment only.

Studio features:

  • Easy and free on-site parking lot

  • Complimentary refreshments

  • Zero-VOC interior paint used throughout

  • Child-proof and sustainable finishes