I am not a trendy person. It took me many years to discover that I like things to be simple and clean, without much fuss or fanfare. And that definitely translates to my photographs.

There are many trends out there. Fashion, of course. That's new every season. And every year the style and color is different. Fashion doesn't seem to care about body types or things looking flattering on people. Whatever is in style is what everyone is supposed to wear. 

And then there's photography.

Newborn photography, specifically, has morphed into two art forms. The posed, baby sleeping in a basket or doing incredible poses on a beanbag, and the opposite, natural in-home newborn photos. And me? I guess I'm in the middle. I don't pose newborn babies (so it's very much like the pure and natural in-home imagery) but I also photograph in Studio (so it's refined and consistent). My approach doesn't follow what's currently popular, but I know there are people out there who want that sort of thing.. because I am one of them.

I don't want images that are defined by current fashion. By what's in style. I want to create photograph that parents can look back on 20 years from now and not feel embarrassed by what they were wearing (or by what they made their child wear). I want them to see the important things in the image - their newborn baby, their love for their child, and their son's emerging personality that they will know so well as the years pass. Everything else is extraneous.

And when you get to that essence of what's important, that's when you create a photograph which isn't just pretty, but can also stand the test of time.