Follow your dreams. 

Francesca (or Franny, as she likes to be called) is a ballet dancer. While most girls her age are at school, she is practicing dance. She has a collection of well-worn ballet shoes and most of her clothes are ones she wears while dancing. But if you think Francesca's entire personality is wrapped up in dance, it's not true one bit.

And she is not at all what I expected.

Franny is really kind of silly. She laughs wholeheartedly with an incredible openness. She's not the serious 10 year old I pictured, the one who toils with a dance teacher for most of the day. She can apparently nap anywhere, and at any time. She knows and can speak some Russian, as she dreams of dancing abroad. And her favorite movie is Austin Powers.

What started out as a photoshoot for a ballet dancer turned into one where Franny's personality dazzled and took over. And that is exactly what I love about her.

She is a role model for all the aspirational ballerinas out there. While still at the beginning stages of her career, but is already dreaming big and dedicating most of her time to working towards her goals. The work required is no joke. And I will endlessly admire Francesca for her incredible drive, determination... and her silliness.