Greenwich Family in the Studio

There is definitely a sweet spot for family Studio photo sessions with little children.

Babies 1 year and younger do very well. They seem to really love the Studio! I have a little basket of toys for them to play with, they can change in the comfort of an indoor space, and they're always next to their parents.

Kids who are a little older do wonderfully, too. About 5 years old seems to be that age when they understand what's going on and are past the point of being afraid of new surroundings and people. Children this age can be a little shy at first, and I'm very sensitive to not forcing them to do anything they're not ready to (like have their photo taken). Inevitably though, 5-year olds get into the spirit of things pretty quickly.. right when they realize there's no pressure to perform and having their photo taken can be really fun when the photographer doesn't expect them to sit still and smile.

So when I get a family into the Studio that has two kids who are within that perfect age range, I know it's going to go pretty well (like, seriously, check out the super cute family below!).

But hey, sometimes it doesn't go as planned. Sometimes a 5 year old never gets into it. Sometimes kids have an off day. They want nothing to do with the camera and get more and more upset as my various tried-and-true strategies miserably fall flat. 

So here's my remedy for the unknown.. 

In the next couple of weeks, I will be implementing a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to help address all the parental worries when it comes to family photo sessions and the inevitable uncertainty that comes with photographing children and babies. In short, if the session doesn't go well, if the kids aren't into it, if we don't get those relaxed smiles, or if any part of the photoshoot isn't up to the professional standard, I will offer a complimentary re-shoot or a full refund of the session fee. This makes scheduling a family photo session as low-risk as possible (and hopefully a lot less stressful) and I am so happy to finally make it an official part of my process.

But in the meanwhile, I want to share images from a complete opposite type of experience. A family with pretty much the most perfectly behaved kids I've had. A session that was fun, and full of giggles and kisses, and lots and lots of smiles. :)