Toddlers are ADORABLE. At 18 months, Hadley was walking around, wearing her very own jewelry, and telling Mom what to do, naturally. And Hadley with her Mom together, are the perfect pair.

A lot of parents will readily take photographs of their children. They'll go to a photographer for a newborn photoshoot, a 1-year milestone session, or a Holiday card session every year. And I do that too. I would love nothing more than to document my children as they grow, year after year. The thing that's missing, however, are the photos with Mom. Or with Dad. Or even, both parents together. 

So I always suggest that parents, and especially Mom, participate in their child's photoshoot. It might not matter to them, not now anyway, because right now time is slowly moving past without much effect. But five years from now, ten years, or thirty, those images of Mom and daughter become much more than a few digital pixels or a sheet of photo paper. 

Hadley will want to know what her Mom looked like when she was little. She will want the chance to look back and to see them together, to know how much she was loved, and how happy and silly she was as a little girl.

So yes, it's so important to document a baby who is growing into a child, but it's equally important to have a record of the most important people in her life, too.