Introducing: Albums

It takes me about 2 years to add a product to my product line. Why? Because I’m very selective. I know first-hand what a disappointment sub-par quality can bring and it takes me a while to find that right company or individual to work with. As things evolve in my business, certain products make sense to add.. which is exactly how albums got added to the product lineup.

Image of a family heirloom Album with a blue linen cover material. Images by N. Lalor Photography, Greenwich Connecticut.

The Cover

Having a simple, yet elegant cover material is important. This is the first impression after all. You will have a choice of a variety of linens and traditional buckram fabrics, as well as vegan leather options and Japanese silks. The main goal is to have something durable yet beautiful. Plus, an inset cover image can easily indicate the contents within.

Image of the Album detail, showing the spine and page construction. Images by N. Lalor Photography, Greenwich Connecticut.

The Paper & Construction

One of the other reasons this is the Album of my choice is the paper and printing options. All of my printing is museum-grade. It’s always on 100% cotton rag paper with conservation-standard ink. And I’m happy to report that the Album will be no different. Why does this matter? Because Albums, photographs, and prints are meant to last. Not just five years or ten, but over lifetimes. These are the things that will be passed down to our children’s children.. which means they have to be made from materials that will not only stand the test of time, but will also look good doing it.

The other big benefits is the way these Albums are constructed - the way the pages are joined. It’s called a panorama flushmount because the prints are creased, not cut, at the spine. What this means is that you can have a large image go across the entire spread without a visible seam or white space in the middle.

Image of a 2-page spread showing the seamless middle area of the photo. Images by N. Lalor Photography, Greenwich Connecticut.

Custom Design

Each Album will be designed by hand, individually. This means that your Album will be exactly what you want it to be. We can make changes and put spreads together that really represent your family.. and nothing is ever printed until it’s perfect. All changes are handled via an online review system where you can make comments directly on the Album page you’re referencing. I know how busy most of my clients are and having 24/7 access to review and modify their Album is really quite convenient.

Image of the first page of an Album, showing a family portrait. Images by N. Lalor Photography, Greenwich Connecticut.


The Album will come with all the digital portraits from the session.. and as such will be priced accordingly. The hardest thing to remember is that you’re not paying for the paper or the printing.. it’s about the work - the portraits and the photographs that are displayed in whichever form you choose (whether that’s a presentation box with matted prints, an album, or art on the wall). The quality of this product demands a high price tag, but it’s also the best value if you love all your final portraits.

Image of a family heirloom album, showing a spread with individual portraits of a young boy. Images by N. Lalor Photography, Greenwich Connecticut.

Lifetime Guarantee

Clients who have worked with me before know that quality is important to me, but guaranteeing a good product goes beyond the initial transaction. I offer a lifetime guarantee on everything my clients decide to purchase. When you’re buying heirlooms that are meant to last, it’s nice to know that you’re covered if anything was to ever go wrong!

I will be sharing some more photos of these new Albums on my Instagram and Facebook pages over the next few months.. be sure to follow if you’d like to see more!