Milestone Sessions Feature - Summer 2018

It’s a little late, seeing as it’s already October, but I figured it was still worth sharing the super adorable babies from this past August’s Milestone Sessions.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, these are some of my favorite sessions. It’s easy for Moms (all you have to do is bring your baby and a simple white outfit) and takes very little time (45 minutes in the Studio, to be exact - don’t be fooled though, most of my work is done after the fact), but the result is absolutely fantastic. And the best part? A lot of these images end up framed on the wall and enjoyed daily by both parents and their child.

However, there is one point of confusion I’ve noticed with these sessions. And it’s something worth talking about...

The question I sometimes get is.. “Are the photographs priced differently for these sessions?”. And the short answer is.. “No”. All of my portraits are prices exactly the same, no matter what the session is. The only price difference is the session fee.

Because Milestone Sessions are shorter, involve only one baby (or baby with a sibling, which is always an option!), and are booked on one specific day, I can offer a much lower session fee price point than my full family session. But in the end, the final product, the image and the printed photograph, is the same. And why not? Why shouldn’t you get the high standard of work, the professional retouching, the museum-quality printing, and the talent it takes to create this type of work? That is the whole reason you’re hiring a professional photographer in the first place, right?

In the end, the way my sessions and pricing are structured is super simple. The session fee is based on the time, services (like the in-home wardrobe appointment and professional hair styling for family sessions), and time in the Studio. And all photography products are purchased separately - so you get the most choice and are encouraged to buy only the portraits you absolutely love. It makes things easy for both of us. It gives you, the client, the power to decide exactly what you want. And it allows me to offer appropriately-priced shorter sessions that are perfect for babies.

So enjoy these little cuties below and hopefully this clears things up a bit regarding these sessions. :)

And if you’ve been considering booking a Milestone Session for your baby girl or boy, the next session date is Saturday December 8, 2018. For more info and to reserve your spot, go here: