Nolan and Evan's Family Session

What do you get when you have a family with two boys in the Studio? Pretty much utter chaos. Which makes for some awesome family photos!

Getting kids to laugh and relax in front of the camera is one of the most challenging aspects of photographing a family, so when a couple of boys feel comfortable enough to run around and be silly, I full encourage it. In fact, I don't even have my light stand set up for this type of session because I know nobody will be staying in one spot for too long. The way I photograph in these instances is very similar to what I do for in-home family sessions. I bounce my flash off the wall instead of relying on a static light setup. It allows me to move, get different angles, and follow the action, so to speak.

And that freedom of movement means we can photograph quickly and efficiently.. because an hour into the process, everyone is pretty much DONE.

So yea, it's a little crazy and a whole lot of fun! And totally not what most parents expect a photo session to be. And that's the whole point. Little kids don't sit still. They honestly don't really listen.. at all. And expecting them to be someone they're not just isn't realistic. We can all hope for perfectly-behaved children, but I know never to rely on it (I have two boys myself, after all!).

So let's accept the wild and silly giggles and let's celebrate a photoshoot where misbehaving is totally allowed, and sometimes even encouraged! ;)